Weekend (6/24&25)

I went to Disney sea with my host family on Sunday! It was actually my first time at Disney so I was really excited, but not as excited as the kids in my host family: they started packing stuff two days ahead, and only slept for a few hour the night before.

(There are three kids in the family. The eldest, Hibiki, is a 12-year-old boy, Rino, the only girl in the family, is 8 years old, and the youngest boy Haruki is only 6 years old. They are angels. ) Two younger kids were excited, but the eldest one is only interested in video games just like me. He agreed to go because I said we could play Monster Hunter together while we were waiting in line.

Sunday rained heavily. Just about the time I was thinking that’s gonna lessen our waiting time, I was told that we have to wait for two hours for the new opened Nemo ride. We waited two hours in the rain. But it was good to see that Rino and Haruki enjoyed it.

(Bunch of people waiting in the rain)

Good news was that the rain stopped after we get off the Nemo ride, so we started wondering around in the land. Hibiki and I started our journey of Monster Hunter 4G. My favorite  ride was the Toy Story Mania, where you shoot the target while riding on the cart. We got a fast pass for the first ride, and after that, since the ride was so fun, Hibiki and I decided to wait for I more ride, which caused us 100 mins. However, we slain a fair amount of monsters, so it was a good time of waiting.

(Hibiki and I playing game)

While Hibiki and I were slaying monsters, my host mother (Yuka) and Haruki went to the Tower of Terror, which was the kind of ride I would never get on. I was pretty impressed that Haruki didn’t cry after he got back.

But… Haruki DID cry… after he knew we were leaving. Guess that was all kids do after they had a great time. Even Rino seemed disappointed. But they are kids… after a night of sleep they suddenly back to normal. 🙂


Trying the app out

Ok so I got the WordPress app and should be easier for me to post photos on it. 

This is a current event we have at SALC! Students write Haiku in English and everyone can vote. Also I don’t know why but someone drew a cockroach on the board and that’s both gross and funny. 

First day of internship

Firstly, sorry I don’t have many pictures for the recent blogs… After I update my iphone system and get the wordpress app on my phone, there are definitely gonna be more photos!


Yesterday two nice thing happened: I made a friend in my internship site, and I met with my home stay family!


First, friend. When we were at the IES Tokyo center to get orientation, I was introduced to Sam, who was currently learning in Kanda university as an exchange student, and also working in SALC, where I’m going to have internship.

She was so warm and friendly, remind me all of my friends back in US. She briefly talked some of her duties, and that really eased my tension! She is working on Wednesday and Saturday, so we also had a fun time today 🙂


Then the host family…


The host mom is really kind. The IES faculties told us that maybe we need to do laundry and cleaning on our own, but my host mom said she is going to do all those for me. I’m gonna cry…

And she bakes! What wake me up this morning wasn’t my alarm clock but the smell of freshly baked bread… Delicious.

There are three kids in the family. Two smaller kids are still in primary school and they are like angels… We played together for the entire afternoon yesterday.

The kids are also going to training classes beside school. They learn violin and gymnastics.

The host dad is also kind, though he usually came back late. The parents and I had a more formal talk last night and he told me about his work. He had been to so many places all over the world! Europe counties, US and even China.


And, this morning, I went to the SALC (need to find out what exactly that stands for) of Kanda Univeristy of International Study.

I talked with my onsite supervisor and settled my working schedule. It’s actually quite flexible: four days a week from 10-6 and I got to pick which day to work! First day is basically orientation, so someone showed me around the university and the SALC center.

Looks like everyone (faculties and advisers) knows I’m coming… made me kind of nervous.

Anyway… I also worked today! I had some nice conversation with the students here. They are willing to talk to you and are all very nice… I felt welcomed.

It rains heavily today… I need to walk back home in such a heavy rain…

Everyone is here!

Gathered with Ruihan, Lisa and Ngan today! Together we went to a Izakaya and had some BBQ chicken~ Tomorrow is the orientation & meet with the home-stay family 🙂 Hope it won’t rain tomorrow.

It’s 10pm in Japan and I’m still writing my reflection paper for the internship required readings…

Days in Kyoto

So… I arrived at Japan with my family a week early before my internship. We are in Kyoto now and are having a wonderful time… with the delicious foods…

↓ roast beef with rice


↓ a cat show in Kyoto


↓ 金閣寺 an awesome temple covered in gold


↓ the bamboo forest and view in 嵐山


↓ a very famous coffee shop in Japan… they do brilliant latte, but iced coffee not so different from Starbucks


↓ a bottle of 梅酒 I bought in Kyoto