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For those of you getting email notices saying I had new blog but with only pictures… 


Anyone who have seen my previous blogs and with a little bit trust in my personality can easily see this by clicking into my blog homepage and read the LATEST VERSION. 

Why this happened? Because I took photos with my CELLPHONE not my LAPTOP, so it’s easier for me to upload pictures with my phone. However, everyone will agree that you can TYPE FASTER on your computer but not your phone. So what I did is FIRST upload all photos I have for the blog, THEN EDIT the new blog with my laptop. 

…although I don’t know if I have the enthusiasm to continue making my blog interesting and detailed. 
I know this blog is super mean and not appropriate. But it’s 12:30 in the night, my brain is not functioning and cannot stop myself from being extremely angry. Say it out it’s the best way I have to stop me from crying right now. Let’s see how tomorrow goes. 


Tokyo Sky Tree (7/17)

Surprise! — Although 7/17 is Monday, it’s still a national holiday!!

It’s called “海の日”– day of seas. A holiday in the summer for people to go our and have fun. Similarly they also have day of mountains, 山の日.

Today the family went to Tokyo~ I told them I always wanted to go to the sky tree, so they took me there.

Turned out the Sky Tree is not only a super high tower, but they also made it into a super market. They were selling “Kin-mei-dai,” literally “the golden eye fish.”

Views at 350m above the sky! I like city buildings more than country views, so this was a really good time for me.

Kids were also having fun.

The glass floor! It was actually not very scary cause it has the black bars on it.

Latter that they we went to the park near the house. They were having a small event, and it’s free to enter if you wear Wafuku.

Yokohama! (7/16)

Today we went to Yokohama together~ Except for the eldest son. Seemed that he interested in games more.

We drove to Yokohama passing the “Umi-hotaru,” which literally means “sea fire flies.” It is actually an under-sea tunnel take you across the Tokyo bay.

We went to the 赤レンガ倉庫, which is a shopping mall with fashion Japanese products.

Later in Yokohama we found that there was actually a summer festival in the park!

We had some shaved ice, which is a traditional sweet to have during summer festivals.

Later we found an amusement park to kill time before the firework show.

I played one of the rhythm game, and surprisingly found out that they have my favorite song in there!

After the game center we stayed another 20 mins for the firework show~ Have two videos down here.



About my host family

My host family is awesome! I like them so much.

As mentioned before, there are three kids in the family. Rino and Haruki are really lovely… especially when Haruki come and hug your leg with smile on his face… Rino is a good kid all the time. She won’t cause any trouble, and will ask you to play with her politely. Hibiki is more grown up than the two, and is in the time period like showing off. It’s easier to talk to him after knowing that. He is still lovely, and we are having fun time play game together.

The mother, Yuka, is working as a baking teacher. She taught me how to bake melon-pan last Friday.


The father, Kei, is from western part of Japan, so he knows how to cook tako-yaki!


The family treat me so well. It’s kinda said when I realize there’s only a month left for me in Japan… I’m going to miss them so much!

Second week in SALC

After 6/26, I started my second week working in SALC. My onsite supervisor made me a nice schedule with various of events. I listed students’ presentations, attended a few professor discussion meetings, and also gave my own workshop on Saturday 7/1.

The workshop I had was majorly targeting at Japanese students. I wanted to talk about some of my own personal experiences and encourage them be more brave at speaking English. Sadly, it was a rainy day Saturday, only 3 students came to the workshop.