For those of you getting email notices saying I had new blog but with only pictures… 


Anyone who have seen my previous blogs and with a little bit trust in my personality can easily see this by clicking into my blog homepage and read the LATEST VERSION. 

Why this happened? Because I took photos with my CELLPHONE not my LAPTOP, so it’s easier for me to upload pictures with my phone. However, everyone will agree that you can TYPE FASTER on your computer but not your phone. So what I did is FIRST upload all photos I have for the blog, THEN EDIT the new blog with my laptop. 

…although I don’t know if I have the enthusiasm to continue making my blog interesting and detailed. 
I know this blog is super mean and not appropriate. But it’s 12:30 in the night, my brain is not functioning and cannot stop myself from being extremely angry. Say it out it’s the best way I have to stop me from crying right now. Let’s see how tomorrow goes. 


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