Tokyo Sky Tree (7/17)

Surprise! — Although 7/17 is Monday, it’s still a national holiday!!

It’s called “海の日”– day of seas. A holiday in the summer for people to go our and have fun. Similarly they also have day of mountains, 山の日.

Today the family went to Tokyo~ I told them I always wanted to go to the sky tree, so they took me there.

Turned out the Sky Tree is not only a super high tower, but they also made it into a super market. They were selling “Kin-mei-dai,” literally “the golden eye fish.”

Views at 350m above the sky! I like city buildings more than country views, so this was a really good time for me.

Kids were also having fun.

The glass floor! It was actually not very scary cause it has the black bars on it.

Latter that they we went to the park near the house. They were having a small event, and it’s free to enter if you wear Wafuku.


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