About my host family

My host family is awesome! I like them so much.

As mentioned before, there are three kids in the family. Rino and Haruki are really lovely… especially when Haruki come and hug your leg with smile on his face… Rino is a good kid all the time. She won’t cause any trouble, and will ask you to play with her politely. Hibiki is more grown up than the two, and is in the time period like showing off. It’s easier to talk to him after knowing that. He is still lovely, and we are having fun time play game together.

The mother, Yuka, is working as a baking teacher. She taught me how to bake melon-pan last Friday.


The father, Kei, is from western part of Japan, so he knows how to cook tako-yaki!


The family treat me so well. It’s kinda said when I realize there’s only a month left for me in Japan… I’m going to miss them so much!


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